The Ryan-Daines-Zinke Budget Will Make College Unaffordable for Montana Students

Given that both Representative Steve Daines and State Senator Ryan Zinke have expressed enthusiastic support for the Paul Ryan budget, with the former voting for it and the latter suggesting it doesn’t go far enough, it seems warranted to look at how the budget that both men support would affect the people of Montana.

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Why Doesn’t Steve Daines Know Anything?


One of the more interesting strategies employed by Steve Daines as a political candidate is to either pretend that he doesn’t know how he’ll vote on an issue or actually not to know. During his House campaign against Kim Gillian, Daines repeatedly pretended that he just wasn’t sure how he felt about the Ryan budget, for example, only to run to Washington to cast votes for it. He’s playing the same game in this Senate race, demonstrating an absolute refusal to inform Montanans where he stands on the issues.

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Breaking! The Top Ten Reasons Ryan Zinke Is Ducking the Billings Congressional Debate


An Intelligent Discontent exclusive! 1 When I pressed the Zinke campaign for the reasons why he is running scared from the traditional Billings Debate in the Congressional race, his campaign, which usually only offers two sides to every issue, offered ten reasons why Senator Zinke will not face his opponent John Lewis and the Montana electorate.

Said campaign spokeswoman Shelby DeMars, “While Zinke ducking the debate and the rain that has ruined everyone’s weekend is John Lewis’s fault, one of these reasons might be the real explanation for why our candidate is running like a scared kitten from Montana voters.”

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Ryan Zinke: Less Leadership, More Cowardice


It’s certainly interesting to see a candidate like Ryan Zinke, whose only discernible qualification for Congress seems to be his military service, lacking the courage to debate the issues for Montana voters to decide candidate best represents them.

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Montana Representative Poses With A Fish, Fights To Close Public Access To Rivers

Representative Liz Bangerter is in the political fight of her life.  For four years, she has worked to trick the voters of Helena into thinking she’s a moderate Republican.  That’s changing though.  Democrat Moffie Funk has proven to be a strong candidate who could finally wrestle away Bangerter’s hold on central Helena.

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Women: Do Not Get a Nose Ring, Says Misogynistic Bozeman Attorney

While I understand that a defense attorney has to mount a vigorous defense of a client who has proclaimed his innocence, Bozeman defense attorney Chuck Watson went just a bit too far today and revealed some deeply hostile attitudes towards women. Defending a man accused to sexual assault, he told the jury today:

“This is not a girl. This is a woman. She’s got a nose ring. She’s got a belly ring. Continue Reading →

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