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2015 Legislature

The Montana Shooting Sports Association Presents Its Gundamentalist Agenda for the 2015 Legislature

By On December 14, 2014

Once again, it appears the Montana Legislature will be Gary Marbut’s personal show, with hours of staff time and thousands of taxpayer dollars spent debating a series of conspiracy-riddled,  absolutist gun nut… Read More

2015 Legislature

#MTLeg Posts of the Week for December 14, 2014

By On December 14, 2014

While we’re (thankfully) a few weeks away from the biannual ruination of Helena’s restaurants, roads, and tap rooms known as the legislative session, it’s never too early to begin taking a look… Read More

Montana Politics

Ryan Zinke, The Billings Gazette, and Torture

By On December 13, 2014

I’m thinking about the Billings Gazette and torture today. You may recall that in the days right before the November election, the Gazette’s editor was outraged that the Lewis campaign told the Los Angeles… Read More

2015 Legislature

Senator David Howard Continues to Fixate on The Gays

By On December 10, 2014

It really wouldn’t be a legislative session without David Howard posting offensive remarks about someone. During the past few years, he’s posted vile comments about American Indians, African Americans, the President, and… Read More

2015 Legislature

Legal Scholar Gary Marbut Defends His Terrible Gun Law.

By On December 2, 2014

Gary Marbut couldn’t be more wrong about guns. His advocacy for unfettered access to dangerous weapons in almost every conceivable location across the state, from kindgergarten classrooms to bars, has helped lead… Read More

Montana Politics

An Early Look at Curriculum Revisions from the House Education Committee

By On November 29, 2014

While the collection of crackpots, conspiracy theorists and spiritualists placed by the Republican leadership on the House Education Committee will no doubt spend most of their timing writing toothless resolutions agains the UN-written Common… Read More

2014 MT Legislature

Montana Political Links Roundup for 27 November 2014

By On November 27, 2014

Audit Committee to hold secret meeting | – “Nowhere in there does it say: “Except for when lawmakers want to discuss things in private,” or “except when it is inconvenient for public… Read More