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Al-Bashir Is Accused


… but who cares?  Only the West it seems.  The International Criminal Court was set up by Europe and the US, and our current administration doesn’t intend on joining it.  If it did, then Bush would be accused in 2 seconds. So, if the US doesn’t adhere to the rules, why should the rest of the world?  Good question.

Anyway, the International Criminal Court has accused al-Bashir of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur.  However,”Sudan has not ratified membership of the ICC … it is not a member of the ICC and [the court] has no jurisdiction over Sudan.”  Chinese (of course, because they violated a UN arms embargo), Arab, and African leaders have expressed concern over any attempt to detain al-Bashir for any of the alleged war crimes. The reason, they say, is that if al-Bashir is taken away, then the country will be even more distraught.  

There are many similarities between the violence in Iraq and Darfur from the estimate of the number of civilians killed to paramilitaries operating closely linked to the government forces, to victims who are targeted for membership of an ethnic group.  However international media coverage generally reports one as a civil war or cycle of insurgency and the other as a genocide.

Okay, true… But the reason for the insurgency in Iraq, many say, is because the US is there and insurgents are trying to get us out of there – jihad – if you will. The popularly held idea is that once we are out, the violence will cease. What’s more is that there is no racial distinction in Iraq. The difference is between those who are helping the Americans and who aren’t. Darfur seems plain and simple to me – Arabs attacking Blacks. But who is an Arab? Someone who speaks Arabic, right? But look at a photo of al-Bashir.  He isn’t black, at least not as black as the people being killed and raped. Oh – and Interesting note: according to Al Jazeera, Arab media rarely reports on Darfur.  

… a journalist and Arab media expert, says the problem with Darfur when it comes to the Arab media is that it does not fit the template of Arabs being the victims and other people the aggressors… People say ‘the Arabs or Muslims – cannot do this – it did not happen’ – but they did do this and it did happen – and they have to reconcile themselves to the fact.

What kind of pisses me off, is that Arabs in general are afraid that the West is demonizing them, yet again. Maybe I am wrong, but I highly disagree.  An atrocity is an atrocity, period. Just as I agree with the ICC about al-Bashir, I would agree with them condemning Bush (but of course, he pardoned himself and his administration… asshole). 

I think it is about linking Darfur with the larger war on terror by portraying and framing the perpetrators of violence in Darfur as Arabs.

Yeah – because they are Arabs.  Sorry Arab world and media… but you are in denial. The ICC has rightfully accused al-Bashir and his regime of genocide.  They should also accuse Bush (everyone would love that).  And the AU needs to help out because this is an African crisis, and the AL (Arab League) needs to help out because it’s also and Arab crisis.  But until they step up, everything that the West says will be disregarded and viewed as an attempt to invade a country.

… lots of helpful links that I encourage click-age of.  I know a lot of people know a lot about Darfur, but many don’t know the politics of it.  It’s sickening.




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