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November, 2010

Baucus Lays the Smack Down on Rehberg

By On November 25, 2010

It’s becoming quite clear that Denny Rehberg, concerned that having named a few post offices might not be enough of a resume for a Senatorial bid, is determined to ride his newfound… Read More

Jon Tester

Tester’s Looking Good Early

By On November 16, 2010

Via Matt Singer, some good news for Senator Tester from Public Policy Polling headed into his re-election campaign: despite the strong Republican trend in Montana, he’s still seen quite favorably by Montana… Read More

Montana Politics

More Truthiness from Dave Lewis

By On November 16, 2010

While Republicans cry about Governor Schweitzer bullying them, I think more Democrats need to learn the value of calling them out on their nonsense and lies. Senator Dave Lewis, last week: Lewis… Read More

Montana Politics

Liberals and Their Sex Ed Agenda Strike Again!

By On November 11, 2010

Malaysia (well-known land of licentiousness and liberal values) is going to be teaching its students sex ed to reduce unwanted pregnancy: "This course is not to sensationalise sex or promote promiscuity. The… Read More

Facts in Five: Links

By On November 10, 2010

Interested in how the 2012 Senate races look today? Public Policy Polling has the early numbers for 18 races, though unfortunately, Senator Tester isn’t listed. Steve Daines is at it again: breaking… Read More

Montana Politics

Senator Barkus and the Amazing Technicolor Plea Agreement

By On November 10, 2010

It’s hard to know what’s most offensive about the plea agreement reached between Senator Greg Barkus and Flathead County Attorney Ed Corrigan—the transparently political decision to delay its announcement until after the… Read More