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Baucus Lays the Smack Down on Rehberg

It’s becoming quite clear that Denny Rehberg, concerned that having named a few post offices might not be enough of a resume for a Senatorial bid, is determined to ride his newfound opposition to earmarks as long a compliant media and complacent public let him get away with it. Following his most recent effort to get in the news for having done nothing, a letter to Senators Tester and Baucus, Senator Baucus responded (headings mine): But Didn’t You Support Earmarks? So-called earmarks have been responsible for vital projects to bring jobs, infrastructure and resources to Montana, including the following, which you sponsored or supported: * The Montana State University Animal BioScience Facility; MT Secondary Highway 323 from Ekalaka to Alzada; The Fort Peck-Dry Prairie Rural Water System; and The Rocky Boy’s North Central Montana Regional Water System And You’re a Dishonest, Cynical Opportunist As you said once yourself, “Earmarks are not the problem. They direct money that already exists within the program to a particular area, because who knows their district more than we do? That’s our opportunity to make our argument to our colleagues. Continue Reading →

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Tester’s Looking Good Early

Via Matt Singer, some good news for Senator Tester from Public Policy Polling headed into his re-election campaign: despite the strong Republican trend in Montana, he’s still seen quite favorably by Montana voters: Tester posts a 50-40 job performance mark, putting him in the top ten among the senators PPP has measured this year. That is particularly impressive, considering that Republicans outnumber Democrats by nine points in this sample, and even independents are more prevalent. In a hypothetical matchup with Denny Rehberg, Tester is close, at 46-48, and he has a lead over Steve Daines at 48-37. Daines supporters will probably try to spin this as positive news, but I find it hard to believe that Montana voters will come to like Daines more as they learn more about him, no matter how many campaign laws he breaks in the process of becoming acquainted with them. Senator Tester’s going to face a tough challenge in 2012 and he’s occasionally disappointed some of us on the left, but it’s encouraging that he seems largely to have escaped the displeasure directed at Senator Baucus by maintaining pretty close adherence to the values that got him elected in the first place. Continue Reading →

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More Truthiness from Dave Lewis

While Republicans cry about Governor Schweitzer bullying them, I think more Democrats need to learn the value of calling them out on their nonsense and lies. Senator Dave Lewis, last week: Lewis said he is considering capping state employees’ salaries at twice the average Montana family’s income, which he estimated is about $40,000 per family. So he would cap employees’ pay at $80,000 “When I retired 10 years ago, I never made over $55,000,” Lewis said. “Management salaries have doubled over 10 years. I think that’s way more than taxpayers can afford.” Governor Schweitzer, yesterday: When a reporter Monday asked Schweitzer about the proposal, the Democratic governor had ready a PowerPoint slide that showed Lewis’ “actual salaries” of $70,000 and $75,000 in 1992 and 1999, and that the latter salary adjusted for inflation would be nearly $109,000 in 2010. Continue Reading →

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Liberals and Their Sex Ed Agenda Strike Again!

Malaysia (well-known land of licentiousness and liberal values) is going to be teaching its students sex ed to reduce unwanted pregnancy: "This course is not to sensationalise sex or promote promiscuity. The classes starting in January 2011 will give students information on what they are going through in terms of puberty and adolescence so that they don’t end up getting pregnant or becoming promiscuous," he told AFP. "We must fight this problem of unwanted pregnancies, baby dumping, among teenagers and promiscuity," Wee said. "This can only be done through education, by giving boys and  girls enough information so they can make the right decision," he added. One certainly hopes that some of the protesters from Helena can make the trip to protect Malaysian children from science and health facts. Continue Reading →

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Facts in Five: Links

Interested in how the 2012 Senate races look today? Public Policy Polling has the early numbers for 18 races, though unfortunately, Senator Tester isn’t listed. Steve Daines is at it again: breaking the law before announcing his candidacy one more time. I guess it makes sense: it’s one way to distinguish himself for the seat Republicans regard as Senator Burns’ seat. What makes a slur and why can’t we neutralize their impact? Continue Reading →

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