Strange and Interesting Rumor Regarding the Senate Race

I’m hearing rumors that Rob Natelson is polling for a 2012 Senate run. It’s hard to give the rumors much credence, given Natelson’s move to Colorado, but given Representative Rehberg’s very recent change of heart into “a fiscal conservative” from being the House’s Pork King and potential vulnerability in the TEA Party, it’s probably hard to discount the rumors entirely.

Anyone been polled or know someone who has?


  1. [...] • MT-Sen: I’ve been disappointed at how meekly the teabaggers seem to have reacted to Rep. Denny Rehberg’s coronation as the de facto Republican nominee in Montana, so even though this is purely a rumor, I’m at least pleased to see it. Blogger Don Pogreba says he’s heard that Rob Natelson, a hardcore conservative law professor who twice sought the GOP nomination for governor, is polling the race. The big red flag, though, is that Natelson moved to Colorado last year, as Pogreba acknowledges. Tea Party Express, Club for Growth - where are you? [...]