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Is Neil Livingstone A Real Candidate for Governor?


I’m beginning to wonder if the Neil Livingstone campaign for governor isn’t actually some bizarre form of performance art or, more likely, a top-secret move to decapitate Al Qaeda’s leadership.

Who puts a link to an article about a  K street fundraiser on his campaign site’s main page? Obviously, someone who’s only been in Montana in the past two decades when he needed to restock his cowboy hats will need to raise money outside of the state, but I’m not sure that promoting one’s reliance on out-of-state fat cats in Washington D.C. is likely to gain many votes among people who aren’t sure that D.C. is actually the seat of government any more.

Politicians race money from all sorts of unsavory and unpopular sources; they’re just usually a bit more subtle about it.

I’ve heard from a number of people that Livingstone is really running for governor this cycle to get name recognition for a later race (one presumes the 2014 Senate so he can go back home), but this strategy seems to be taking that idea just a bit too far.

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