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Montana Blog Roundup 17 April 2011


My apologies for missing the past couple of Montana Blog Roundup—while the content has been as interesting and provocative as always, life and work have certainly cut into my time for blogging. This collection of the best and most interesting posts takes a look at the past week of Montana politics.

Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful posts.

As always, jhwygirl offers in-depth looks at issues that simply don’t get enough attention in the media or on other blogs. Her look at HB 198 explained just how dangerous expanding the ability of companies to condemn private land for public utilities would be and argues persuasively that HB 198 should stay good and dead.

The PSC is back in the news in a big way this week, but not for making sensible policy. Once again, the 3 member GOP majority is turning the Commission into a circus. Commissioner (now Chair) Kavulla defended his crusade against Commissioners Gallagher and Molnar over at the Electric City Weblog, but the conservative Auntie Lib at 2 Helena Handbaskets was unimpressed: “Travis Kavulla proved that the 62nd Legislature isn’t the worst political joke of the year.”

Rick Hill has decided to step in the muck of his personal life early in the campaign. Like Cowgirl, I’m amazed that he has chosen to respond to an anonymous e-mail about his confirmed infidelity. It would seem that the media absolutely needs to cover this now. Montanafesto, which has really been driving the story, does an incredible job documenting not only Hill’s infidelity, but his predilection for very dirty campaigning. I’m reminded of a quote about reaping and sowing.

Rob wrote about the purpose and future of Left in the West. I’ve had a draft sitting here about the single issue “progressives” who attack Democrats without pause at Left in the West and other sites, but I think Rob does a great job explaining the importance of working to support Democrats, even as we occasionally criticize them. Do these “progressives” really think their issues would be in better hands with Denny Rehberg directing policy? it seems like it.

In a guest post, Stacey Anderson of Planned Parenthood dissected the misinformation about family planning services happening at the state and federal level. It’s an important, fact-based case for protecting “our daughters, our sisters, and our neighbors.”

Pete Talbot offered a scathing look at the childish antics of GOP Chair Will Deschamps. I suppose it’s fitting that the party of Knox and Hinkle would be led by this clown.

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