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The Montana GOP Just Ran Over Credibility


Let’s be honest. The Montana GOP is such an amateurish organization that it actually chose budding juvenile fiction auteur and anti-voting activist Will Deschamps as its chair, has a web page that was banned by Geocities for being too ugly for the web in 1997, and uses a series of short-lived astroturf blogs to regurgitate whatever idiotic talking point is generated when one overdoses on Rush Limbaugh and the fluid use for fracking.

All that being said, I have to marvel at today’s effort to stir up a controversy—claiming that Senator Tester was caught on film “running over” a GOP staffer.It must be serious stuff. It was breathless reported by both the Montana GOP and its latest  blog, Treasure State Politics.

It might also make for an interesting story if, of course, there was a shred of truth to the claim. As the poor, struggling victim’s own video attests, the only accident was choosing to record his voice.

I’ve seen some pathetic, desperate campaigning before, but this reaches a new Rehbergian low. The only thing being thrown under a vehicle here is what little credibility the Montana GOP has left.

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