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Are Montana’s Republicans Running for Governor or Confederate President?


A couple of candidate forums the past few days make it a fair question, as the thirty or so Republicans running for the honor of losing to Steve Bullock seem awfully committed to proving just how reactionary they are.

Consider these quotes from the forum in Hamilton, collected by Ravalli Republic reporter Whitney Bermes and from the Great Falls forum, collected by Great Falls Tribune reporter John Adams. Presumably a more detailed story will follow tomorrow, but these tweets certainly capture the essence of what it means to be a Republican in Montana today—and I’m even being nice enough to leave out the truly deranged ones.

Jim Lynch is not only willing to offer his life against an imaginary threat to the Second Amendment, he believes in a UN-led conspiracy to destroy America. No, really. Finally, he offered his insight as a climatologist.




Neil Livingstone, disappointed that he wasn’t able to profit from the war in Libya wants to start one with the federal government and environmentalists:



Ken Miller seemed content to show that he lacks a basic understanding of the issues that face Montana:





One assumes that Corey Stapleton was off collecting donations during the events.

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