I’ve talked about this before, but come on! Helena is utterly unsafe for non-motorized transport,and as if we needed more proof,we’ve gotten it.

The apparent inability of a pedestrians to cross Helena’s streets safely ought to be considered a huge public safety issue. When one of the few places to cross a major street like Custer with a crosswalk sees that crosswalk disabled, a clearly marked alternative needs to be available. Until Helena does something about crossing it’s most dangerous roads, people are going to continue to be killed or injured. As long as that danger hangs over our town, we can’t develop the dynamism of a more transport friendly town.

3 thoughts on “Again?

  1. Agreed. Many crosswalks are poorly marked and far too many drivers seem to ignore the basic principle that pedestrians have the right to cross safely.

    The truth is that, as a nation, we need to make a series commitment to making our communities more accessible to those on foot and non-motorized vehicles-and Helena should get in front of this movement.

  2. Absolutely. I’ve always wondered how Helena tolerates what I see as a complete unawareness of pedestrians.

    When I drive in Helena and yield to a pedestrian not only do they give me a “WTH?” look, I’ll get honked at (or worse) by other drivers on the road.

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