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Republicans Invent Senate Committee, Battle Gas


Remember when the Republicans in the Legislature tried to invent a state that hadn’t passed a constitution in 1972? When they tried to invent a militia for themselves to go play Army and defend us against the threatening horde of Canadians who threaten our sovereignty at every moment?

Well, they’re continuing to invent new tasks for themselves, having apparently fabricated a Senate Committee for themselves to advance their peculiar agenda, which includes not teaching science in public schools:

Publicly funded schools should be free from progressive social agendas such as climate change, gay “rights,” or political correctness.

Senator Jason Priest from Red Lodge appears  to have taken the lead in this bold undertaking, having written an editorial to the Billings Gazette in which he described himself as someone who “chairs the Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Committee and is a member of the Montana Senate Policy Committee.”

Other members include Rick Hill’s running mate Jon Sonju, failed gubernatorial candidate Jeff Essman, fabulist Verdell Jackson, and stream-closing, anti-fishing Debby Barrett.

To their credit, at least these bold patriots are honest about personal problems, as this powerful photo and caption from the site illustrate:


Concerns about flatulence aside, I’d be interested to know who paid for the development of this site and organization, as there is no listing for a “Senate Policy Committee” with the Commissioner of Political Practices, the e-mail address associated with the site is registered to a Jason Priest from New York City, and the site itself resolves to a web host in New Jersey.

Perhaps these champions of conservative principles would be better served studying Montana’s constitution and their duties as members of the Legislature rather than inventing a committee with a name far more impressive than the ideas it espouses.

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