The Livingstone/Zinke Comedy Tour Continues

The Associated Press reports that SUPERCANDIDATE Neil Livingstone plans to…keep Montana’s economy growing, just like it has under Governor Schweitzer:

Republican candidate for governor Neil Livingstone is promising that, if elected, he won’t take a salary until the state gets 1,000 new jobs — a figure that could be reached in just two months if the economy keeps growing as it is now.

At their sparsely attended Helena event today, Livingstone vaguely alluded to two companies which might come to Montana, though not because of anything he would do.

It’s events like this that give Corey Stapleton the impression he’s a legitimate candidate.

One thought on “The Livingstone/Zinke Comedy Tour Continues

  1. I LUV THESE GUYS! The littlest dicktater and his trained seal! They’re gonna declare WAR I tell ya! WAR! bhwhahahahahahahahaaa! I can see ol’ Teddy R. Livingscam charging up San Juan Hill, PAUSING every few steps to take a hit off his oxygen bottle! bhwhahahahahahahaha! They are truly a fitting prospective goober pair to compliment the last Lege! WAR! I tell ya. WAR! (on over 200 enviro groups in Montana! THAT is called a fact, kinda like having your own CIA!)

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