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Mitt Romney’s Totally Non-Elite, Regular Guy Visit to Montana


Willard Romney is just like the rest of us. Who among us doesn’t need an elevator for our6575713629_56f9c09778_z cars, possess a few offshore bank accounts for our small savings, or have a record of profiting from outsourcing productive American companies?

And I think this regular guy’s sense for how the average person lives was very well captured by the Ravalli Republic’s David Erickson tonight, despite the Romney campaign barring him from the event:

  • Romney’s host, brokerage house founder Charles Schwab, has a home at the gated community outside Hamilton
  • Before and during the fundraiser, protesters lined the roadway leading to the main gates of the historic Bitterroot Valley mansion…
  • Cost to attend the event was $2,500 per person, or $5,000 per person to get a photo taken with Romney. Those who dined privately with the former Massachusetts governor paid $25,000 per person.
  • The tarmac at the Ravalli County airport was full of private jets and helicopters on Wednesday afternoon that flew in for the event.

Willard Romney. Totally not an elitist working for the 1%.

Update. Want a very clear sense of just how out of touch with reality Montana Republicans are? Look no further than Steve Daines, who describes Romney’s private, 200 person event in a gated community in this fascinating way:

Steve Daines, who is the Republican candidate for Montana’s U.S. House seat, said, “This is the largest event ever in the history of Montana politics.

Really? Not President Kennedy appearing at the old Marlow Theatre in Helena? Not, say, Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton packing the Butte Civic Center four years ago with thousands of people?

I guess not. Those events were only open to the unwashed masses. Clearly an event for Mr. Daines’ kind of people, no matter how small, is more significant.

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