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Representative David Howard Suggests Civil War if Obama is Re-Elected


One of the real challenges those of us in the reality-based community face is that the extremehowardcrazytrain right wing of the Republican Party has gone so far off the deep end that the mainstream media tends ignore their inflammatory, insensitive and even potentially insane remarks.

Representative David Howard is a member of the Montana Legislature, representing HD 60,a leader of the Stillwater County Republicans, and the Chair of the House Human Services Committee. He’s also a member of the Judiciary, Agriculture, and Ethics Committee.

In the past, he’s spewed racist and homophobic remarks online—but today he crossed another line. Today, he advocated another American civil war if President Obama is re-elected.

No, really:

If we lose this election the Secular Socialist Democrats will place two more secular anti-American Justices on the Supreme Court and kill America from within.

This is reality and this will happen if we lose this election!

This could force American Patriots into a Civil war to regain our freedoms. Where we won’t be able to worry about being offended by what some people in a political party do or don’t do!

We’re not talking about some random constitutionalist living in the woods here, but someone the Republican Party in Montana has entrusted with a committee chairmanship in the Legislature. We’re talking about an elected official who is so far removed from reality that he honestly believed a civil war might be necessary if his side loses a political election.

We’re talking about something the media in this state must cover.

The radicalism of the modern Republican Party does offer a profound threat to the republic and to our state. The average voter needs to know that voting for Republicans means putting people like Mr. Howard in positions of real significance, despite his tenuous grasp on civic responsibility, basic history, and even reality.

The political media has an obligation to confront people like Mr. Howard, to expose him for the Un-American fraud that he is. They need to ask the Republican Party to repudiate his offensive views, or failing that, expose their support for his positions.

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