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Rehberg Voted to End Medicare—and Then Lied About It


During Representative Rehberg’s last debate as a political candidate on Saturday night, he337229_10151032555159207_1600236945_o maintained that he had not voted to make Medicare a voucher system:

I have never voted to harm Medicare or Social Security.  I’ll do everything I can, and as a promise to the seniors that I will always vote to preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare….  One of the reasons I voted against the Ryan budget, because it had changes in Medicare that I didn’t believe was in the best interest of Montana seniors.  I promise to Montana’s seniors that I will always vote, I will never vote to privatize Social Security, I will never vote to privatize Medicare.

That’s flatly untrue. In 2009, Rehberg voted for another Ryan proposal which would have transformed Medicare into a voucher system for those under the age of 55.

He lied, and for good reason. Montanans certainly should not trust vital programs like Medicare and Social Security to a candidate who has repeatedly expressed his desire to privatize the programs. Such a choice might enrich Rehberg and his cronies, but it would be devastating for Montanans who have relied on these programs for decades.

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