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Election 2012: Update #10


  • Would Montanans really turn over Mike Mansfield’s Senate seat to Dennis Rehberg? I can’t believe it. We’re going to win this thing, no matter how dishonest Rehberg and his corporate allies have been.
  • Good to see that conservatives are already rolling out another insane vote-repelling strategy to use during Obama’s second term.
  • It’s fascinating to watch the parade of Fox commentators coming on to criticize the Obama campaign strategy even as it’s winning. They really do live in an alternate reality.
  • Todd Akin is giving his concession speech. Can’t think of a better person to lose a race this time around…okay, maybe one person.
  • Martin Kidston is reporting that MT GOP may “challenge all new registered voters at poll.” Repulsive.
  • With just early results in, Jon Tester is six per cent ahead of Dennis Rehberg…in Yellowstone County.

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