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Thank you, Dan Cox


And not because you helped Jon Tester win. In fact, it looks like Tester would have won either way. Tester was 1.6% from getting a straight majority, so only if 80% of Cox’s votes would have otherwise gone to Rehberg (as opposed to being blank) was Cox the deciding factor. So the first thing I’d thank him for is allowing me to get a good night’s sleep last night, confident by 4 AM that Tester was in a good position.

But more importantly, I’d like to thank Dan Cox for putting the Montana GOP on notice that a restrictive government disguised as conservatism ill not fly in Montana. While I don’t agree with Libertarian philosophy, I respect it for at least having some internal consistency, which stands in sharp contrast to the “small government except in the case of the PATRIOT Act, forcing people to carry around birth certificates, women’s bodies, or plants we don’t like” platform of the GOP.

Hopefully Republicans will remember this in the next legislative session, and if they still refuse to properly take care of the most vulnerable of us, they won’t compound the problem by telling us how to live our lives as well. Now, again for my own peace of mind, I’d request that the Libertarians run a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction next time, as well.

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