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I don’t get involved in Twitter.  I don’t like it.  I think it’s a dozen people yipping at each other.  However, I do type in “#MTPOL” every once in a while to see if there are any interesting new links or posts.

Well, today was enough to take me out of retirement.

Bob Brigham, a marijuana legalization advocate, started tweeting at Montana Street Fighter and it got pretty tasteless, pretty quick.  So tasteless that I felt I needed to write something.

It seems that earlier today, Montana Street Fighter wrote a post about Senator Baucus’ efforts to “combat” veteran suicide rates.  Brigham, apparently, took offense.

Brigham is an ideologue and that’s fine.  Great.  We need ideologues.  However, Brigham crossed a fine line today.

You can see his tweets below.

Blaming a man for the death of his nephew is beyond shameful.  It makes my stomach churn.  It is literally churning as I write this.

And then to suggest Baucus’ nephew would have committed suicide if he hadn’t been killed in Iraq.  Again, my stomach is churning.

Let me speak directly to you, Bob.  You hate Baucus.  Everyone understands that.  But to politicize the death of his nephew is shameful.

You could have easily talked about Baucus’ voting history without being beyond nasty.  Your comments lack any sign of human decency and make people like me (who support your work) not want to ever get involved with you or your issues.  You’re better than this.

This is why people like me and, I go as far as to assume, Pogreba don’t participate in the blogosphere much anymore.  It’s nasty and ugly.

Again, Stomach. Is. Churning.


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