Steve Daines: In Favor of Indefinite Detention of Americans

Representative Steve Daines voted today to allow indefinite military detention of Americans, making hollow his claims of concern about the NSA surveilling electronic communication of Americans.

To be fair, perhaps Daines was persuaded by the rhetorical wizardry of some of his House Republican colleagues like Tom Cotton, who offered this defense of eroding bedrock constitutional principles:

“There was a phrase in that game called ‘olly olly oxen free’ — meant you could come out, you were safe, you no longer had to hide,” Cotton argued. “This amendment is the olly olly oxen free amendment of the war on terrorism. It invites Al Qaeda and associated forces to send terrorists to the Untied States and recruit terrorists on U.S. soil.”

That’s not The Onion; it’s the erosion of our civil liberties on a massive scale. Perhaps Mr. Daines might want to grab a copy of the Bill of Rights that has more than the Second Amendment included.

For further frame of reference, consider the position taken by Senator Tester, who co-sponsored legislation blocking indefinite detention:

“American citizenship is an honor that comes with certain inalienable rights,” Tester said.  “One of those rights is due process, and I’m going to do everything in my power to prevent the government from taking that right away.  We can defend our country without trampling the Constitution.”


7 thoughts on “Steve Daines: In Favor of Indefinite Detention of Americans

  1. Don, Rep. Daines and others in congress truly concern me. Snowden, in my opinion is an American hero for showing all of us what our non-transparent govt. is doing to our freedoms.

    Finally! Someone is doing something, but the mainstream media won’t pick up this story on the 2 veterans who are walking across America in support of the U.S. Constitution.

    They are carrying the American flag each step fm San Diego to D.C. in support of the U.S. Constitution for all of us. True grit and I’m proud of them! Once again we see our veterans defending the American flag & each of us.

    They need some coverage so I hope someone can give it to them. These 2 vets (the 65 yr. old Vietnam vet) need the support of each of us and the exposure by the media to raise awareness that someone is finally taking to the streets (or highway). We see people standing up in Greece, Turkey, Spain and now we see these 2 veterans. I’m proud of them.

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