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Yellowstone County Treasurer Shows the New Face of the MT GOP

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It’s hard to tell whether this is the new face of Montana Republicans the kids were so excited about last week, but it is online, which is an enormous step for the technologically-challenged party.

Republican Yellowstone County assessor, treasurer and county superintendent of schools Max Lennington offered this sensitive critique of President Obama and a powerful reminder not to adjust your medications without consulting a doctor in today’s Billings Gazette:

However, the truth is I do hate the Obamas. I hate what they represent, their policies, their legislation and their ideology. I don’t like them because they are attempting to fundamentally change my country into what only can be called Communist or Socialist. They are the very worst kind of racialist and they are elitist Leninists who hold contempt for my very traditional America….

I condemn, in the strongest manner, as to why the media refuses to investigate them as they did President Bush and President Clinton and for refusing to label them for what they really are. There is just no possible way; whereby, a white president and his wife could ignore the law, flaunt their position and be the lord of the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.

Good luck with the new messaging of the Republican Party! It’s off to a great start.

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