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“Progressive” John Bohlinger’s Running Against “Republican” John Bohlinger


I really had no intention of writing about John Bohlinger again this week, but the latest from his campaign makes it hard not to pay a little attention. It seems that Mr. Bohlinger wants us to believe that he wanted to become a Democrat in 1992. No, seriously. He tells the Down with Tyranny blog:

I was elected to the Montana House of Representatives in 1992, and after my first term, realized that I did not fit in their caucus. I got little support for the issues I brought forward from my Republican colleagues. I thought about jumping ship and running as a Democrat in the 1994 election cycle, but was talked out of it by a friend and political reporter from the Billings Gazette. He told me to stay and be a conscience for the Republican Party.

Think for a moment just what that story, if true, says about Mr. Bohlinger’s honesty and political resolve. He remained a member of the Republican Party for almost twenty years, ran as a Republican six more times, and voted against core Democratic principles because a reporter told him to?

Mr. Bohlinger is asking Montana Democrats to believe that he’s the “progressive choice” in the Montana Senate despite the fact that he remained a Republican during the disastrous Martz Administration, through the election and misadministration of President Bush, and through the GOP’s racist, horrifying campaign against Barack Obama in 2008.

The Obama decision is probably the most problematic for Bohlinger. Today his campaign released this image:


In 2008, it seems, the choice was not as clear for Mr. Bohlinger, as he endorsed—and even worked for John McCain, the person who chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. In 2008. Bohlinger supported the QUEEN of the TEA PARTY movement while he self-described as a “moderate Republican” when he called Governor Schweitzer a “conservative Democrat.”

If it talks a Republican, if it votes like a Republican, if it calls itself a Republican…it sure as hell isn’t a progressive Democrat.

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