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Governor Schweitzer on John Walsh: “A Wonderful Leader”


Governor Schweitzer has weighed in on the report from the Army Inspector General about John Walsh, calling it a partisan smear not worth the paper it was printed on:

Schweitzer called the inspector general’s report “much ado about nothing” and ignored it.

Schweitzer blew off the investigative report as “a completely partisan end run in the National Guard attempting to embarrass him (Walsh).”

“Whoever it is in the Montana National Guard that’s trying to stir this thing up, they ought to be ashamed of themselves,” Schweitzer said. “He was a great adjutant general, a wonderful leader and Montana ought to be proud that he led Montana soldiers to war.”

Local conservative blogger Jackie Brown at The Western Word agreed that the story was only “earth-shattering to people who never served in the military.”

While partisan primary opponents and sad, anonymous, conservative Twitter accounts are attempting to make a mountain over this most insignificant of mole hills, even national  conservative blogs like Powerline recognize the story doesn’t have legs:

As scandals go, this one seems relatively harmless. But Walsh, if he’s the Democrats’ nominee, faces an uphill battle against Daines.

There’s the real truth. Walsh will face a challenge against Steve Daines, who will be well-funded and unwilling to say much of anything during the campaign. People interested in defeating Daines, should, as Schweitzer notes, focus on discussing John Walsh’s leadership of and advocacy for the National Guard, his work on suicide prevention for returning soldiers, and his service in Iraq.

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