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Bold Republican Decisiveness in 2014


It probably makes the most sense to blame Steve Daines. After1b63fabf5cb18ade15824873120f8b7838 all,  in 2012, he boldly fled the Senate field to clear the deck for Dennis Rehberg to be defeated by Jon Tester.Perhaps noticing that Daines was almost the only Republican to win a statewide race that year, the rest of his party seems to be following his bold, decisive leadership when it comes to choosing races.

Consider Rehberg himself, who said after his defeat in 2012 that he was out of politics and returning to Montana to ranch. Now, he’s opening up Burger Kings and floating trial balloons for another House race. It would appear he’s also changed his mind about Montana voters, who he said “bitch and whine and moan” all the time.

John Bohlinger was an anti-choice, anti-labor Republican for an odd 60 years, before briefly becoming an Independent, before becoming a modern incarnation of Norman Thomas in his bid to win a Senate seat.

Perpetual candidate Brad Johnson said he would run for the House after Steve Daines announced for the Senate, but today told Mike Dennison that he might run for the PSC again. I hope he doesn’t drive himself to file.

Corey Stapleton filed for the Senate, leaked that Steve Daines was running for it, and switched to the U.S. House race.

Champ Edmunds seems to have moved from the Senate race to the House race to the Senate race, and might drop out altogether.

Apparently, House candidate Ryan Zinke gave some thought to the Senate race, having one Astroturf organization raise money for his Senate bid and another “explore it.”

Former Lt. Governor candidate and state representative Jon Sonju was “all in” for a US House bid before withdrawing his name two weeks later.

And these people run around talking about the importance of leadership?

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