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Senator Tester to Filibuster and Oppose Dark Money Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch

Written by Nathan Kosted


Tester: ‘I Cannot Support a Nominee Who Refuses to Answer Important Questions’

  Senator to Oppose Neil Gorsuch, citing dark money, women’s health care, privacy concerns

 U.S. Senator Jon Tester today issued the following statement after announcing that he will vote against Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court:

“Judge Gorsuch is a smart man but that doesn’t make him right for a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.  I cannot support a nominee who refuses to answer important questions.   With Judge Gorsuch on the bench, I am deeply concerned that dark money will continue to drown out the voices and votes of citizens, the Court will stand between women and their doctors, and the government will reach into the private lives of law-abiding Americans.  These are not Montana values, which is why I cannot support this nomination.” 

Tester will be voting “no” on cloture and final passage.

To read more about Tester’s position on Judge Gorsuch click HERE.


(Spread this far and wide folks. Dark Money has already spent nearly a Million dollars in Montana on attack ads against Jon Tester)

These numbers seem crazy right? Well, Washington special interest groups have already spent that much against me—and the election is more than a year and a half away. But instead of burgers or beers, these special interest groups are hoping $900,000 buys them a Senate seat. We all know that Montanans are not for sale, but apparently Washington insiders don’t know that. Join me in pushing back against the dark money special interests:…

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  • We all need to thank Senator Tester for this stand. I just made an additional contribution to his campaign, though it’s hard at this time. If he’s to reject BIG MONEY, he needs support from us LITTLE MONEY folks.

  • Thank you Senator Tester. You could have bowed to the moneyed people like Manchin and Heitcamp did but you stood with the people. We need to do everything we can to reassure your election next year.

  • Just saw this at the Big Sky Rising Facebook Page: “Please call the closest office location for Senator Tester to you and voice your support for his stance against Gorusch. I just called his Billings office and he is getting hammered by the right-wingers.”

    Sound advice.

  • Pete, timely heads up! I gladly called Missoula!
    I’m working on a handwritten letter mailed to Missoula Office adress on the link.
    I hear handwritten letters best way to make a statement to a Legislator.
    I’m thanking Senator Tester for excellent timing announcing his position.
    And telling him I support filibustering if necessary, to counter the K Bros + Mercer family + 1% COVETING SCOTUS POWER.
    Counter the Gorsuch argument that he does not have share with the public his assessment of distribution of income and distribution of political power.
    ‘The purpose of government is to protect the people from the rich and powerful.’
    (Federalist Paper #10)

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