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Many Opportunities to help Quist Win this Weekend

Written by Nathan Kosted

Rob Quist’s campaign for congress is moving full steam ahead, he is traveling the state having driven over 3,500 miles in the last month while he visited over 40 Montana counties. His campaign has energy, momentum, and the tenacity to win.

That being said he still needs your help to get over the finish line and this campaign has less than 7 weeks left! Unbelievable how fast it is moving.

Rob Quist for Congress offices are now open in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, Helena, and Great Falls at these addresses.

  1. Billings: 510 N 29th, Back alley entrance on the west side
  2. Bozeman: 422 E Mendenhall, the Labor Temple
  3. Missoula: 345 w Front St.
  4. Kalispell: 343 1st Ave West
  5. Great Falls: 1112 7th St S, the Labor Temple
  6. Helena: 303 N. Ewing, Montana Democratic Party HQ
  7. Butte: Coming soon, but events launching from the Carpenter’s Union at 156 W. Granite

Come help talk to your friends and neighbors this Saturday or Sunday with the campaign’s first weekend of action.


Billings Weekend of Action

Missoula Weekend of Action

Bozeman Weekend of Action

Flathead Weekend of Action

Belgrade Day of Action

Great Falls Weekend of Action 

Helena Weekend of Action

Butte Day of Action

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  • I am a summer MT resident (65+years) and very interested in MTpolitics. We have some groups here in CA who would like to help Rob Quist with phone banks. Please let me know if that is possible and who to contact. Thanks

    • as a full-time resident of Montana and at an age where i still have to make a living here in Montana, please do the working people of this state a favor and stay out of our politics .

      • I think we should get all the help Rob could use, as a visitor of 65+ I doubt they are taking a job from a Montanan but rather bringing $$ into the state.

    • Dear Caryl. Your help is greatly appreciated. When you call Montana voters, please remind them you are calling from California and tell them Rob Quist is the type of politician Californians support. Also remind voters here that Rob wants to protect them with mandatory gun registration.

      • One more suggestion Caryl. Please call as many Montana newspapers and TV stations and let them know you and your many California Democrats are making phone calls on behalf of Mr. Quist.

        • Pogo, you’re losing it, along with Kevin R. You both rail at the “New Jersey Millionaire Gianforte” meme but then disparage folks from California who want to contribute to the Quist campaign. Often these are part-time residents who spend time and money here, and are concerned about the direction of politics in this state and at the national level. They usually give small, individual donations as opposed to the huge, dark money donations coming in on behalf of Gianforte.

          Lately, more cheap shots than usual from you, Pogo.

          • Pete, It isn’t a cheap shot. I am simply making a point to highlight the “Gianforte is a New Jersey Millionaire” “cheap shot” lie repeated by Quist and almost every Left leaning Montana blog including Intelligent Discontent.

            Democrats frequently make the argument that any Republican not born and raised in Montana is unfit to run for elected office and not worthy of comment on state political issues. Read James Conner’s excellent post condemning the “New Jersey Millionaire” lie .

            Democrats also criticize any contributions to Montana Republicans from outside our borders as proof that said candidate does not represent Montana. If Ms. Bigenho would have stated she were a Republican donating money or organizing a pro Gianforte phone campaign from Texas, or God forbid, any state on the East Coast, Democrats would have gone nuclear. The CowGirl site would have offered Ms. Begenho up as proof that Gianforte is being controlled by out of state interests and Intelligent Discontent would have splashed one of its worn out childish cartoons at the top of the page.

            P.S. It should be a beautiful Easter weekend. Hope you and your family can get out and enjoy it.

            Wishing you well.

            • The last Montana Democrat to win a special election for Congress was an immigrant from Iowa, John Melcher, who accomplished the feat on 24 June 1969 in an election in which almost everyone voted at the polls. It was the next to last congressional election in Montana for which the voting age was 21.

            • Let’s see, M Cowgirl ran about 28 Posts re Mr. Gianforte in the last two months. About five times the expression “New Jersey multi-millionaire” was used in those Posts. Used in passing. Never used to build a proposition let alone a case.

              Pogo, you are obviously constructing a straw figure image of ID also of MC as employing straw figures of Mr. Giantforte that exist only in your castigations.

              That’s not cheap. That’s tawdry, lazy and below sophomoric.
              But covered up with ornate shell figures of speach.

              Rococo stuff.

              When I lived in Oklahoma there were possums.

              When I lived in Billings, and here in the Bitterroot, people talk about racoons. Not possums.

              I suggest another more regional, more alliterative moniker than Pogo Possum.

              How about Rococo Racoon.

            • I’ve always agreed with James Conner on the “New Jersey Millionaire” line and have never used it myself. It’s disingenuous. I also have no problem with small, independent donations coming from outside Montana to our candidates. It’s the big, out-of-state, dark money campaigns that bother me. I’ve quit watching the local news there are so many disgusting, misleading anti-Quist spots purchased by rightwing Super PACs — at least six or seven during a half-hour broadcast.

              • In my views, Rep. Amanda Curtis is a long time worker to protect the people from the very wealthy and the very powerful.
                Rob Quist is committed to Represent Montana and to protect us people from the very rich and the very powerful.
                Protect our Public Lands from being acquired by the very wealthy and very powerful.
                Protect our public ACA health care from the very wealthy and the very powerful.
                In stark contrast, Greg Gianforte is committed to protect the very rich and the very powerful.
                So it only makes sense for him to minimize public exposure, and favor exposure to private gatherings of the very rich and the very powerful. And their functionaries, operatives, and networks of service and goods suppliers.
                Only makes sense for him to chip away at Public Lands, Public Health and Public Education.
                But what do I know? The Super Pacs may have convinced Mr. Gianforte that he will soon win the race. Because of TV ADs multiplied by micro-targeted mailings and telephone calls to repeat Voters to Vote for Greg Gianforte to Represent Montana in the House of Representatives.
                But darn, I keep wondering. Have the Super Pacs misled Mr. Gianforte???
                Oh my gosh, has Mr. Gianforte not seen through the professional high class Super Pac hustlers and their lofty predictions of Gianforte victory?

      • Giantfart was born in California, according to his wiki. IIRC, he sold his business in California for $10million before moving up here. I’m old enough to remember when “Don’t Californicate Montana” bumperstickers were quite popular in the late 60’s to 70s.

        Casting aspersions on Californians is a long-practiced sport for rightwingnuts in this state. But when it gores one of their own? Just nevermind that detail.

        • Oh Dougy, my friends in Oregon tell me that on the house-for-sale signs out there, many say “will not sell to Californians”. Is that really a bad thing? I think that Montana out to do the same thing. We need to tell GG that WE will not sell our state to Californians either!

          Yes, values count regardless of what GG says. We value our public lands, and we do NOT value some out of stater trying to sell them off. I call it the Tom McCall effect. Tom had it figured out fifty years go. Place matters. Home matters. And values matter. You simply can’t buy your heritage.

          Billionaire values are NOT our values just quite yet! We’re basically hard scrabble rabble who don’t fall for billionaire babble. Quist ain’t much, but he IS a far sight better than JJGG, Jesus Jumpin’ GG! (Quist is just lucky as hell he was hidin’ during the cash for clunkers roundup!)

  • Now that the GOP has tabled the bill to use mail ballots for the election, I was wondering what groups supporting Rob are doing to make sure people are registered to vote, and more importantly registered for absentee voting to guarantee more people have the opportunity to vote for Rob.

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