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Hundreds Turn Out for Rob Quist Events as Greg Gianforte stays Hidden? Missing?

Written by Nathan Kosted

Hundreds of grassroots supporters turned out to support Rob Quist at weekend events in Pablo, St. Ignatius, Missoula, Phillipsburg, and Hamilton. Meanwhile, Greg Gianforte was nowhere to be seen.

#WheresGianforte? #MissingGianforte

In Pablo, Rob spoke to an overflow crowd at Salish Kootenai College and took questions ranging from health care to tribal sovereignty…

…then the campaign stopped by the Tribal Health of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes health center in St. Ignatius, where Rob toured the clinic and discussed ways Congress can work to improve health care in Indian Country…

…next, Rob stopped by the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Camp Chef Cookoff, where he chatted with sportsmen and women about the importance of protecting access to public lands…

….later that evening, more than 175 supporters braved an April downpour to come out and support Rob at a Missoula grassroots fundraiser…

…and finally, Rob wrapped up the day at Forward Montana’s Rockstar Hall of Fame.

We kicked off Sunday by opening a new field office in Missoula. MTN News covered the event, saying Rob is “gaining ground in the election, regularly drawing hundreds of people to his larger city rallies” …

…then off to Phillipsburg to talk with supporters at Philipsburg Brewing Company…

…and our busy weekend ended on a high note in Hamilton, where nearly 200 supporters turned out to hear Rob on the stump (and his guitar).
Rob has been so busy out on the campaign trail, he hasn’t had time for laundry.
And where was Greg Gianforte this weekend?

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  • Interesting that Rob was mentioned today on Warren Olney’s midday news/interview show on NPR. The message was that he and three other Democrats in states won by Trump are looking more and more like winners. And GG was not mentioned.

  • With Sanders coming to Montana with Demo.chairman Tom Perez the week of April 17 that event should turn out thousands with Quist on stage. No firm date or place yet. Tomorrow on MSNBC at 2pm Steve Kornacki suggested today will discuss Montana special election. Hopefully when Perez sees the big crowd he will forward some money to Quist campaign. Gianforte is still odds on to win but if big money flows in from democrats that may change. It’s shameful the DNC has been no help so far.

  • Of course Rob is drawing a salary from the campaign funds which is not illegal, but not typical and is it unethical. He will be pressing hard as long as this salary lasts up until election. hehe

    • Bill why don’t you go snuggle up a little closer to Gianforte, he may slip you a little something extra for being such a good little stooge for him.

        • So Bill do you get mad that you work and pay taxes but drumpf and gianforte pay a much smaller percentage than you do, or are you one just one of the koolaide drinkers that think it’s okay that they don’t pay their fair share, if they even pay anything at all.

    • It’s not unethical as many candidates in local, state and federal races sometimes have to take a leave of absence, and when GG is rich as sin and can BUY VOTES, Rob Quist and many like us on fixed means do what we can, and I don’t mind that my campaign donation keeps Rob going.

    • I highly recommend reading up on why the Founding Fathers made it a REQUIREMENT for the President of the United States to accept a salary. It has a lot of relevance to what you’re perhaps unwittingly suggesting.

    • I believe his salary is $2,000 per month. Given how long and hard he’s working, his hourly rate may be less than the minimum wage. As Tyler Gernant noted earlier, the regulations permitting candidates to draw a modest salary were put in place during the administration of that notorious liberal and advocate for the poor, George W. Bush, so that the middle class as well as the millionaire class would have the financial ability to run for Congress.

      Quist is not getting rich on his salary. He’s simply staying alive — and from what I can see, he’s working a lot harder at getting elected than Gianforte, Wicks, and declared write-in candidate Doug Campbell.

  • Mr. Kolstad, calling Greg Gianforte a “New Jersey Millionaire” is a lie and it shows your disdain for fact and truth. Mr. Gianforte has spent more of his adult life in Montana than has Gov. Steve Bullock. No matter how many times you and other Democrats spread this falsehood it is still a lie that insults thousands of hard working Montana citizens who have lived, worked, paid taxes, helped create jobs and voted in Montana for decades even though they may not have been born in this state.

  • So, my theory is that we are going to see Gianforte in a big way just before ballots are cast. I think he’s gathering all his congressional, and other, supporters and he’s going to make a big blitz thereby being the last thing many people see before voting.

    • That sounds very plausible. GG has now SHAVED his ‘manly’ stubble and met with MT grain-growers association today, but questioned firmly about what do we do for strong trade without TPP. Rob Quist had good grasp of farm and ranch issues and having good trade that helps Montana Ag.

  • “…next, Rob stopped by the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Camp Chef Cookoff, where he chatted with sportsmen and women about the importance of protecting access to public lands…”

    And next week, Backcountry Hunters and Angler’s BFF and “Life Member” Donald Trump Jr. is coming to Kalispell, Hamilton, Billings and Bozeman to campaign for Greg Gianforte, and talk about the importance of protecting access to public lands.

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