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Billings Tax Day March – Demand Trump Release his Tax Returns

Written by Nathan Kosted



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Tax March.Org Announces Billings Tax Day March this Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Hundreds Expected to Join March in Downtown Billings on April 15 to Demand President Trump’s Tax Returns and to demand fair Tax Practices.
Billings, MT – Tax March Billings announced the march route in Billings. Participants in the march on Billings will begin at The County Courthouse Lawn at 12:00pm (Noon) and march to The Billings IRS Building where speakers will engage the audience. The event is expected to last 2 hours. 12pm-2pm
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“Trump promised throughout the campaign to release his tax returns, following a precedent set by every president and presidential candidate in American history since President Nixon. He has resisted intense pressure to release them, thereby hiding his financial ties, business dealings, and possible conflicts of interest.  While Trump has promised to divest from his business interests, there is no publicly available evidence that he has done so.”

Jhevon McMillan, Billings Tax Day Organizer,

“This March is relevant to Montana because of our tradition of transparent government. The fact the President will not allow us to know if he has financial conflicts of interest is quite disturbing. The working class also deserves tax laws that ensure everyone is paying their fair share, right now that system doesn’t exist.”

Rep. Kelly McCarthy – Billings

“I find it the mother of all ironies that the guy who recently said that he was “smart not to pay taxes” because if he did the money would be “squandered” by the government, has now spent $24 million of taxpayer money in less than 10 weeks taking vacations.”

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