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2014 Elections

Quick Takes: Daines Doesn’t Listen, PSC District 5 Race, New Eastern MT Blog, Augare

By On January 6, 2014

There’s nothing more frustrating than a politician getting credit for “listening” to constituents when he’s actually just holding another roundtable in the echo chamber of right wing talking points. Today, Representative Steve… Read More


Best Montana Political Blog Posts of 2013

By On January 3, 2014

Political blogging, always a strange beast, tends to get even stranger in political off-years. Hell, Republican AstroTurf blogs don’t even try those years. It seems like arguments get magnified, posting diminishes, and… Read More

2014 Elections

Bold Republican Decisiveness in 2014

By On January 2, 2014

It probably makes the most sense to blame Steve Daines. After all,  in 2012, he boldly fled the Senate field to clear the deck for Dennis Rehberg to be defeated by Jon… Read More

2014 Elections

Congressional Candidate Matt Rosendale and Prominent Montana Republicans Attend Extremist Event

By On January 2, 2014

Jimmy Tobias in the Missoula Independent is reporting that GOP Congressional candidate Matt Rosendale, Montana GOP vice chair Jennifer Fielder, and at least three GOP members of the Legislature attended an extremist… Read More

2014 Elections

Rehberg’s Back?

By On January 2, 2014

While working as a lobbyist was his first love and its allure kept Representative Rehberg from returning to subdivision ranching back in Billings, it appears that the challenges of the job are… Read More

2014 Elections

Governor Schweitzer on John Walsh: “A Wonderful Leader”

By On December 30, 2013

Governor Schweitzer has weighed in on the report from the Army Inspector General about John Walsh, calling it a partisan smear not worth the paper it was printed on: Schweitzer called the… Read More

2014 Elections

Our Most Popular Posts of 2013

By On December 29, 2013

6. Charter School Law Would Hurt Montana’s Students There are certainly areas of improvement for Montana schools, but defunding them to pay for unaccredited, unaccountable institutions who are quite likely to put… Read More