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2014 Elections

Ryan Zinke Touts a White Supremacist Endorsement

By On December 17, 2013

When he’s not personally profiting from a Super PAC he said would help disabled veterans or outing the members of Navy SEAL Team Six who killed Osama bin Laden, former State Senator… Read More

2014 Elections

Why Does John Bohlinger Not Believe in Voice Mail?

By On December 13, 2013

Unlike certain “Democratic” strategists (irony alert) in Montana, I’m not one to suggest that a candidate’s age determines her eligibility for office as  I believe that voters should choose the best candidate regardless of… Read More

2014 Elections

Friday Quick Takes: Daines Drinks the TEA, Rosendale’s False Friends and More

By On December 13, 2013

Hard right Republican and Speaker of the House John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have had enough of the TEA Party that Steve Daines is so desperate to appease. …this war has been… Read More

The Media

In Which The Missoulian Totally Jumps the Shark

By On December 13, 2013

In the wake of the Jordan Graham guilty plea, the Missoulian offered a story that contained an unusual journalistic technique: printing quotes from anonymous Twitter feeds. From the story by Alice Miller:… Read More

2014 Elections

“Progressive” John Bohlinger’s Running Against “Republican” John Bohlinger

By On December 6, 2013

I really had no intention of writing about John Bohlinger again this week, but the latest from his campaign makes it hard not to pay a little attention. It seems that Mr.… Read More

The Media

Lee Enterprises and Vulture Capitalism, Part #432

By On December 4, 2013

Don’t worry, reporters at under-staffed, overworked, demoralized Lee Newspapers. Your bosses are still getting bonuses, even as more of your co-workers lose their jobs. In a Thanksgiving miracle, the executives of the… Read More


Why I Won’t Support John Bohlinger for Senate

By On December 1, 2013

I will not be supporting John Bohlinger for the US Senate race—and I’d humbly like to suggest any progressives tempted by his decision to position himself as the liberal candidate for US… Read More

Montana Politics

Great News! Racism in the United States Has Ended

By On December 1, 2013

Matt Berman in the National Journal reports that the Republican Party believes racism has come to an end: Some things are best left untweeted. On Sunday morning, the Republican National Committee’s @GOP… Read More

Montana Politics

Tom Lutey and the Gazette Play News, Not News Again

By On November 25, 2013

When I read the headline “Businesses to Daines: Cut government regulations” in my Billings Gazette feed, I confidently predicted two things: that the piece would be a news-free puff piece and that… Read More

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