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One of These Paragraphs Is Not Like the Other; Bob Fanning Offers a “Realistic Plan”

I loved the Great Falls Tribune profile of gubernatorial candidates Bob Fanning in its entirety, but these two paragraphs were clearly the best: "I am the only candidate who has a realistic, workable plan which will lead Montana to rapid economic progress and independence from the federal funds which have put Montana out of business." Fanning said he wants to "shut down" the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service, and Department of Justice law enforcement agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The terrifying thing is that Fanning isn’t out of step with the rest of Republican candidates, many of whom have been using rhetoric like “going to war” with the federal government during their campaign. One other note from the piece. I think it’s very good for Fanning, given his views, that he cleared up one part of his personal life: Fanning, who said he has not put an intoxicating substance into his body in decades… Continue Reading →

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Breaking Down the Republican Field of Candidates for Governor


Candidates Living on a Prayer (or in Pray)
Bob Fanning is the least conventional (and logical) candidate in this race, which is something, considering that Neil Livingstone is on the ballot. Fanning’s candidacy has been such a disaster that not even Chuck Baldwin was willing to remain a part of the team. A veritable gaggle of illogical (and unconstitutional) positions, three running mates, and one dead campaign. Jim Lynch probably isn’t a Republican, probably isn’t running for any other reason than spite, and definitely won’t be the Republican nominee for governor. While he certainly did enough commercials while he was the head of DOT to get his name recognition up, his ugly departure from state work and subsequent partisan transformation make him unlikely to get more than a per cent or two in the primary–brazen, inflammatory TEA Party rhetoric notwithstanding. Continue Reading →

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The GOP Clown Show Continues in Gubernatorial Race: Baldwin Out

It seems that Bob Fanning wasn’t raising enough money for Chuck Baldwin to raise his profile in Montana, so, despite telling his congregation just weeks ago that God had chosen him to run for Lt. Governor, Mr. Baldwin dropped out of the race today. This quote is especially rich: Chuck Baldwin said he owes the people of Montana a credible, legitimate campaign, and this is no longer possible. He said he cannot in good conscience continue with the race. It’s hard to imagine how someone like Chuck Baldwin ever imagined that he would bring credibility or legitimacy to any race for higher office, given his unorthodox views about the Constitution and incredibly intolerant beliefs. It’s got to be an especially difficult blow for Mr. Fanning, given the team’s recent endorsement by the hugely significant endorsements of Toby Bridges of Lobo Watch and John Andre of the Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Team Sports. Continue Reading →

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Montana Wingnut Watch: Marxists Everywhere!

Part of a periodic series of reminders that, when Republicans in the Montana Legislature and members of Montana TEA Party organizations tell you they represent the mainstream of Montana views, they might just be wrong. Park City Republican member of the House David Howard believe that Obama is little different than German, Japan, and Italy during World War 2. No word on WW2 Hungary, though. TEA Party stalwart Eric Olsen believes that statues of athletes and entertainers are part of the Marxist agenda. You can criticize my President, my nation, and my party, Mr. Olsen, but leave your lies about baseball off my Internet. Continue Reading →

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