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TEA Party Facts for Tax Day!

By On April 15, 2014

I didn’t understand last year when the Montana media decided to cover the dying TEA Party movement on tax day, and I don’t really understand why they chose to today, but there… Read More

2014 Elections

Quick Takes: Daines Doesn’t Listen, PSC District 5 Race, New Eastern MT Blog, Augare

By On January 6, 2014

There’s nothing more frustrating than a politician getting credit for “listening” to constituents when he’s actually just holding another roundtable in the echo chamber of right wing talking points. Today, Representative Steve… Read More

Montana Politics

Derek Skees, Will Deschamps, and the Montana GOP

By On June 5, 2013

The Great Falls Tribune’s John Adams is reporting that Derek Skees is leading the charge against Republican Party Chair Will Deschamps: Former Rep. Derek Skees, R-Whitefish, is leading the charge for Hart… Read More


Election 2012: A Post Mortem and a Preview

By On November 7, 2012

THANK YOU I intended to post a thank you to the campaign staffers, party workers and countless volunteers who harassed Democratic voters with phone calls, door hangers, and visits before the election,… Read More

Montana Politics

Lindeen for Auditor, McCulloch for Secretary of State

By On October 20, 2012

While we’ll be breaking the other statewide races into individual posts, the similarity in the Auditor and Secretary of State races makes the combining them a natural fit. In each race, the… Read More

Montana Politics

Derek Skees Defends Harris Himes, Because “He Doesn’t Know” if He Broke the Law

By On October 18, 2012

There’s probably a reason that the Montana Republican Party didn’t send any of its slush fund over to Derek Skees. Even they realized that spending money on Skees’ doomed, illogical campaign was… Read More