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TEA Party Facts for Tax Day!

I didn’t understand last year when the Montana media decided to cover the dying TEA Party movement on tax day, and I don’t really understand why they chose to today, but there are some gems of facts from TEA Party “rallies” that perhaps make it worthwhile to read. Or at least enjoy. It’s hard not to lead off with this delight from Republican Senate (SD 42) candidate Marissa Stockton, from Helena:
For example, Marissa Stockton…read some items she said friends posted on Facebook — for example, that 19% of federal spending is “spent on the NSA so they can spy on us.” Asked about that number, Stockton said it may have originated with data from the Heritage Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. But a review of several Heritage charts shows no such thing; the entire defense budget is only 18 percent of national spending, including “entitlement” programs like Social Security and Medicare. Continue Reading →

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Quick Takes: Daines Doesn’t Listen, PSC District 5 Race, New Eastern MT Blog, Augare


There’s nothing more frustrating than a politician getting credit for “listening” to constituents when he’s actually just holding another roundtable in the echo chamber of right wing talking points. Today, Representative Steve Daines attended a roundtable discussion in Helena to “discuss negative impacts” of the Affordable Care Act.  That Daines is uninterested in the experiences of thousands of Montanans who’ve been able to get, keep, and afford health care coverage is unsurprisingly, but I have to give MTPR reporter Dan Boyce a ton of credit for calling Daines out on it. Derek Skees is back—and running for office again. Despite the fact that Mr. Skees holds some of the most insane views of any Montana Republican (yikes), James Conner at the Flathead Memo suggests the seat will be difficult for Democrats to win while the Cowgirl blog reminds us that Mr. Skees should not be elected to any office outside of the Confederacy. I happened to come across a new blog called East of Billings by Alexis Bonogofsky “dedicated to the amazing people and places in the eastern part of the great state of Montana.” Well worth a visit. Continue Reading →

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Derek Skees, Will Deschamps, and the Montana GOP


The Great Falls Tribune’s John Adams is reporting that Derek Skees is leading the charge against Republican Party Chair Will Deschamps:
Former Rep. Derek Skees, R-Whitefish, is leading the charge for Hart as part of what he called a “anybody but Deschamps” movement within the party. Skees, was lost his statewide race for State Auditor last fall, said the opposition to Deschamps is high among Montana Republicans because of the poor GOP record in statewide races over the past four years. It’s within the realm of possibility that Mr. Skees doesn’t remember this, but he was one of those GOP statewide candidates last year—something that certainly must have made it more challenging for the GOP to win races. I’m certainly no defender of Will Deschamps, a man who opposes the will of the majority and who hates his own hometown, but it’s a stretch to imagine that any leader could have helped Mr. Skees win election in a statewide race. Generally, it’s hard to win races North of the Mason-Dixon line when you believe the wrong side won the Civil War. Continue Reading →

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Election 2012: A Post Mortem and a Preview

I intended to post a thank you to the campaign staffers, party workers and countless volunteers who harassed Democratic voters with phone calls, door hangers, and visits before the election, but didn’t want to forget tonight. Their enthusiasm and energy absolutely paid off in all of the statewide races, one of which could end up being decided by just a handful of votes. Gaining seats back in the House absolutely matters, too. Whether your candidate(s) won or lost, your efforts were herculean—and appreciated. TESTER-REHBERG
I think a number of lessons were learned in the Tester-Rehberg race, perhaps none more important than the fact that a candidate can’t win a statewide race in Montana by running a relentlessly, exclusively negative campaign. Continue Reading →

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Lindeen for Auditor, McCulloch for Secretary of State

While we’ll be breaking the other statewide races into individual posts, the similarity in the Auditor and Secretary of State races makes the combining them a natural fit. In each race, the incumbent is a professional who has done excellent work in her first term and the challenger is someone who seems not to understand the duties of the office he is seeking, one because of his positions on the issues and the other because of his demonstrated lack of competence. The choice is so clear that even the Montana Chamber of Commerce, which endorses Republican candidates as reliably as snow falls in October, endorsed Linda McCulloch and Monica Lindeen over their challengers. Secretary of State In this rematch between Linda McCulloch and Brad Johnson, retaining the incumbent is the obvious choice. Since taking over the Secretary’s office, McCulloch has streamlined operations, saved taxpayer money, and implemented federal voting guidelines that Mr. Johnson seemed incapable of getting a handle on.  She’s established an excellent set of online resources for voters and businesses, including a voter page to check registration. Continue Reading →

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