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2014 Elections

Men (Old and Young) Will Not Tell Women What To Do With Their Bodies

By On March 9, 2014

Yesterday in Butte, former Governor Schweitzer asked a question that has stuck with me. He asked a group of supporters at an event with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards if they believed… Read More


Montana Cannot Afford Senator Rehberg: 40 Reasons He’d Be A Disaster

By On October 16, 2012

A little less than a year ago, I put together a list of the best reasons Montana voters should reject Dennis Rehberg as he challenges Senator Tester. In the intervening year, little… Read More

Montana Politics

Montana, meet Krayton Kerns (and then tell him what you think)

By On March 26, 2012

No doubt everyone reading this post is all too familiar with Rush Limbaugh’s unforgivable slur directed at Sandra Fluke. Well, meet Representative Krayton Kerns of Laurel, MT.  Representative (and it makes me sick… Read More

Montana Politics

Senator Tester Stands for Women’s Health

By On February 3, 2012

Good for Senator Tester, better for women: For the past five years, grants to local affiliates of Planned Parenthood have been an important part of Planned Parenthood’s work to protect women from… Read More

Montana Politics

Rehberg’s Late, Secretive Appropriations Bill Would Hurt Montanans

By On September 29, 2011

It’s hard to overlook the hypocrisy of Representative Rehberg, a man who has refused to vote for bills because of a lack of “public input” and “adequate Congressional oversight,” when he’s dropped… Read More

Montana Politics

Rumor Has It HB 456 Is Getting the Brand

By On April 12, 2011

A reliable source has informed me that HB 456 will likely be one of the many deserving bills to get the veto from Governor Schweitzer tomorrow. As I have awkwardly noted and… Read More